The sample bag is one of a unique

Before bran bags stork appeared in Japan, one wearing the bag in bizarre shapes, fun has become a worldwide movement.

Bag “crime” was awarded to attach criminal when purchasing novel “Crime Stories ASPE”. Photo: Boredpanda

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These days, many Vietnamese people are not surprised from the Japanese catch sight wearing bag packaging made from Vietnam’s pledge on the streets, the subway at sunrise country.
The bags made of canvas, printed with shapes familiar words such as “Feed the pig”, “Mixed feed pellets”, “duck-eggs”, “Pork ham eat, grow, heavyweights “” food for basa, tra “….
Being recognized as environmentally friendly, lightweight, durable, easy to use with unique textures, patterns fancy pockets are the Japanese, especially young consumers.

Bag packaging made from animal feed more Japanese people to use when they go out. Photo: Phan Duc Thai / Infonet.
However in the world, one wearing the bag in bizarre shapes, fun has become a trend. It not only represents the personality of the user, but also stands out when down the street.
Here are some samples of unique handbags, smoking causes fever eyes each community networks in many countries around the world.

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