Bags pledge made in Vietnam: The Japanese love the Vietnamese people have criticized?

A product is made in Vietnam, using materials typical of Vietnam, Vietnam was the main person done for many years but Vietnamese people still did not know and it was not until it became popular overseas, many people noticed.
These days, many Vietnam was not surprised and disturbed from seeing images of Japanese people wearing bags made from the packaging of Vietnam pledge across the street or the subway as a kind popular fashion handbags.

Tuivaiepnhiet18The bags made of canvas, in the accompanying text shapes very familiar to Vietnamese as “Feed the pig”, “Mixed feed pellets”, “duck-eggs”, “eat Pork ham, large fast, heavy, “” food for basa, tra “… .Is sold at an average price of 400 thousand – 800 thousand. Even with the sale on also cost millions of dong.
Though still considered relatively new in Vietnam, but the reality of this unique handbag patterns were present in the Japanese market for at least 3 years. Type of environmentally friendly bags, lightweight, durable easy to use with unique motifs are Japanese, especially young pretty popular.
Japanese culture is one of the most unique cultures in the world. In the “land of the rising sun” beauty is a long tradition of tolerance along with stylish, modern lifestyle.

Japanese youth fashion trends street quite liberal and authoritarian strange. They prefer to use the simple craft items, recycling and open to foreign goods.
With savings virtues, habits or to walk a lot and carrying up convenience items, light favored by the Japanese. They are not important in this bag is originally nothing but attention to the application, the more useful is the source of the bags.

Japan, and especially Tokyo is one of the fashion centers of the world’s largest applications. All roads, health bars, restaurants here have become a catwalk for each individual is a different personality patterns and distinctive look.
Therefore, the prevalence of exclusive products made from packaging strange animal feed as a fashion bag is not too unfamiliar street cherry country.

Bag packaging made from animal feed more Japanese people to use when they go out. Photo: Phan Duc Thai / Infonet.

Returning to the story in Vietnam, although a bag made in Vietnam, using the material characteristics of Vietnam, Vietnam was the main man made but Vietnam for many years who still do not know, just until it became popular overseas, many people noticed.
In fact, not the Vietnamese people turn against Vietnamese goods, only a small minority of Vietnamese prefer branded by high-income and foreign students psychologically. And most people want consumer goods produced domestically. But the issue of quality and the price remains the age-old problem of people are interested.
Therefore, to Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods can trust more, first or ideological needs of manufacturers to improve the design and quality of products. At the same time, researchers offer a price more in line with consumers’ pockets in the country as well as promote innovation and distribution channels, improve competitiveness and market development.

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